Campus Blockchain Hackathon, Nigeria

July 14, 2019
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July 14, 2019 kaybabs

Campus Blockchain Hackathon, Nigeria

Kaduna, Nigeria, is a city that is more than what meets the eye – it will take more than just a visit to truly comprehend what makes up the city.

In the northern part of Nigeria, where a higher percentage of the inhabitants are not educated, one would expect the state of the location and inhabitants to be a slum with less inclination towards technology adoption and incubation. But according to what we found out and experienced first-hand, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Leading up to our first visit to the state, we were almost discouraged by the news of prevailing kidnappings, among other unprecedented dangerous activities in the state, but above our fears, we decided to pay a visit to our host.

The Kaduna ICTHub was the first “WOW” experience we had, which was a building housing a lot of departments including the Blockchain HUB for developers. The HUB offers Ideation, Education, and Incubation, coupled with resources for students and applicants. The governor of the state is a lover of technology and ideas and has given unprecedented support to the people of the state.

The first visit was brief but knowing we would come back sooner than later was a huge relief.

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